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The 3 Main Messages

1- Prescription painkillers are synthetic heroin. Help us educate our community to help prevent addiction!

2- Locking up and properly disposing of your medication is important! Through drug take back events, prescription pill disposal kits, and educating where to take your left over medication, we can all help as a community to clean up our cabinets to prevent addiction!

3- The Good Samaritan Law and Narcan are here to help. We want our teens and adults to call 911 if there is a dangerous situation! Narcan can help save lives until somewhere is ready to help themselves. Training is free and can save a life! 

For adults: Do you belong to a civic organization, hold team meetings or just want to know how to have this conversation with your children or friends to help prevent addiction? We would love to come to you! We have educational materials, training, Narcan training available and more. As a community, when we all come together to help eliminate stigma, have honest conversation and most important EDUCATE, we will get through this! Contact us today!

For teens: For youth groups, after school programs, home school, athletic leagues and more- we have age appropriate educational materials and volunteer opportunities. Addiction in our community is very real, and by giving our youth the education they need to make wise choices, we can help prevent addiction before it begins! 

Are you interested in "going purple" in September? September is Recovery Month and we are GOING BIG to spread awareness and help educate our community! Here are some ways you can participate:


If you know someone using or abusing heroin, call 240-313-3310 for free Narcan training.

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