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WGP- A substance misuse education movement that will engage our community and youth to prevent addiction and eliminate stigma!

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Having open, honest conversations educating our kids about the dangers of prescription pill misuse, drugs and alcohol gives them the tools needed to make healthy decisions and prevent addiction. 

As a community, we must work to eliminate stigma so that people who are struggling with substance use or mental health issues are not afraid to reach out to receive help!


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It’s time to “expand the conversation”- in addition to talking to our kids about the dangers of prescription painkillers and other drugs, let’s not forget about the importance of mental health.

Did you know 91 or more people die every day from heroin or prescription painkiller overdose? Washington Goes Purple is a substance misuse awareness education movement to encourage our community and youth to stand up against substance abuse. 

18% of high school students report taking a prescription drug without a prescription and perceive fewer risks associated with misusing or abusing prescription stimulants than did their peers in 2009. We also know that in areas with high percentages of depression, there are high percentages of overdoses. Unfortunately, when an estimated 75-82% of heroin users begin with prescription painkillers, it’s time to talk honestly to them and help #preventaddiction in the future. 

Washington County Health Department – Local Addictions Authority
Phone: 240-313-3310 

Washington County Mental Health Authority 
Phone: 301-739-2490 

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